Austin Real Estate Market Update

Presented by Sam Sheikh

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April 1st, 2024 (based on last 7 days)

• 614 new listings popped up
• 438 got price cuts
• 449 under contract
• Over 100 listings removed or expired

• 1,138 properties hit the market
• Prices were reduced on 1,131 of them
• 1,100 went under contract
• 300+ were removed for not selling

Inventory's hovering above 4.5 supply, meaning buyers have more room to negotiate. Despite the buzz to buy ASAP before interest rates dip and prices go up, the market's still sliding down. Looks like this trend will keep up until rates drop below 5%. So, while it's smart to keep an eye on inventory, no need to rush your purchase. The best deal could be just around the corner!

Despite the current downward market trend, Austin mirrors the early 1990s Silicon Valley boom, attracting a significant number of young adults and families from California and other states seeking better opportunities not limited to our community. This demographic shift brings to light crucial community needs in education, retirement, and familial support.

The demand for Islamic schools is surging among the second-generation driven by a search for positive educational settings and dissatisfaction with local high schools. This highlights a broader desire for educational options that are community-focused and aligned with Islamic principles.

Retirees are showing a strong preference for living near mosques, pointing to a need for retirement communities that cater to both their spiritual and proximity needs. Establishing a retirement community endowment in Austin could greatly improve life quality for these individuals, marking it as an essential development.

The trend of downsizing is evident among the 55+ age group, particularly parents facing emptiness syndrome. As their large, spacious homes become less suitable due to their children's busy lives, integrating senior living facilities close to family communities and mosques offers a solution. This arrangement addresses retirees' emotional and spiritual needs while supporting young families, especially with babysitting services.

Austin's tech industry, drawing parallels to the Bay Area's unsustainable growth, is poised to attract more professionals. This necessitates the creation of age-well retirement programs and 55+ communities with healthcare facilities specifically designed for the Muslim community. Such developments present an investment opportunity for retirees looking to use their 401(k)s, potentially averting the trend of seniors moving back to their home countries due to isolation.

As Austin evolves, addressing the diverse needs of its population—including education, retirement living, and intergenerational support—is key to fostering a united, inclusive community.